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How to File for Bankruptcy in Burbank California

Regardless of job title or income, people from all walks of life file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy often comes to use when facing foreclosures, debt problems, creditors, wage garnishment, repossessions, or other financial woes. In many cases, it is better to file for bankruptcy sooner rather than later.

The two most common avenues to pursue are either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. This is, again, a decision to make with your bankruptcy lawyer. Chapter 7 involves wiping debt out and Chapter 13 involves repayment of debt. For a more detailed discussion, reach out to our California bankruptcy attorney who will guide you through the process. Fill out our free bankruptcy evaluation form or contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Choosing the Right Burbank Bankruptcy Attorney

Most individuals filing bankruptcy are delighted to discover they can have a fresh start. Bankruptcy is a decision which should always be made with the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Your attorney will gather necessary information and help you make an informed decision of whether or not to file bankruptcy and which type of bankruptcy best suits your needs based on a “means test”. The nature of your financial problems, debts, assets, earning capacity and expenses all play a role in this decision.

Elena Steers is a highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer that has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for many years. She is certified by the State Bar of California, and is affiliated with the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association.

About Burbank, California

Just a few miles from Hollywood, Burbank is known as the “Media Capital of the World” due to the amount of entertainment companies headquartered here.  The cost of living in Burbank is 55.9% greater than the national average, and according to the most recent Burbank census data, median household income is just over $66,000/yr.