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Hollywood is a well known tourist destination. People from all over the world come here to see the Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios, Paramount, Guinness World Records Museum or the Hard Rock Cafe. Some people wander around themselves, take an Uber, bike, go on a guided walking tour, and others hop on to a “tour bus” to visit Hollywood Hills and see celebrity homes without thinking twice about it.

Are Hollywood Tour Buses Safe?

Unfortunately, many of the tour buses in Hollywood on the road in 2016 are not safe. Many of the “buses” are passenger vans which have been modified. Modifications include removing the roof and removing seat belts. When the roof is removed from a vehicle it no longer functions as it was intended to by engineers and it loses structural rigidity. As for seat belts, drivers are responsible for making sure their passengers are buckled. When someone uses one of these tour buses they have a reasonable expectation to be kept safe while on the vehicle.

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Employees of the tour buses, passengers, children on the bus are all affected by the issues mentioned above.

Tour Bus operators ignoring government warnings

NBC Los Angeles recently released a great report. The I-Team (investigative team) discovered that many bus drivers drive recklessly and provide false information about the location of celebrities homes.

They also pointed out that the National Transportation Safety Board has urged Hollywood Tour Bus companies to stop putting people’s safety at risk and discontinue use of the vehicles. The NHTSA is also currently looking in to the vehicles as well and may begin fining these companies.

Can the government be held liable?

We are not sure how some of these vehicles have passed inspections but it is possible. Lawsuits against government entities are very complex. If you think a local city, county or federal agency is partially to blame for your injuries contact us as soon as possible.

Hollywood Bus Tour companies

At the moment, we are not posting here which companies have safe or unsafe vehicles. This is simply a partial list of bus tour companies operating in Hollywood.

  • Access Hollywood Tours
  • Starline Tours
  • Ultimate Hollywood Tours
  • Hollywood Touz
  • LA Scene Tours
  • Star Tours

Other ways people could be injured by buses

Other vehicles can crash in to a tour bus. If the tour bus passengers are hurt, the liable party may be both the driver who hit them, and the tour bus company who was operating an unsafe vehicle. In other cases, cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles or pedestrians could be hit by a bus. People can be injured while boarding or getting on or off the bus.

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