Basically this depends on how far along you are in the litigation process and what assets you have.

In general a bankruptcy will eradicate any judgment you have against you even if the lawsuit is in progress.

If you get sued and file bankruptcy that lawsuit will stop as bankruptcy protection kicks in.

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If you have been sued and that case has already gone to judgment, bankruptcy will eradicate the judgment.

If your wages have been garnished, filing for bankruptcy will stop any future garnishment.

These are all defensive moves obviously, but they won’t help with anything that’s already happened.

In other words, anything that’s already been taken is gone for good and you can’t get it back.

If your bank account has been attached whatever was taken is gone. You won’t see it again.

Anything that you still owe gets wiped out.

If you have real property and the other party has placed a judgment on your real property then it is secured by your house.

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Bankruptcy will not expunge that debt and you will still have to pay it.

Both bankruptcy and being sued are serious and complex legal proceedings.

However, as always, there are things that are priorities and things that are seen as secondary.

If you have been sued, it may be in your best interest to declare bankruptcy. However, it would also be in your best interest to seek sophisticated professional advice before doing anything.

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