At any moment there are several work zones in Los Angeles as workers work to repair and improve roadways. Reckless driving, negligence, driving while under the influence, texting and mistakes often contribute to accidents in work zones.

In an effort to keep motorists, passengers, and workers safe California has enhanced penalties for speeding and other traffic violations which take place while in a construction zone. Usually, the penalty is a doubled fine.

Work Zone Injuries

Accidents in work zones result in all types of injuries, especially neck, back, and spine injuries. The most common car accident in Los Angeles work zones is a rear end accident caused by someone following too closely to the vehicle in front of them. Also, drivers were speeding in over half of fatalities. Not only should you slow down while in a work zone, but drivers should also try to keep an eye on the vehicles near them.

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Here is a recent PSA by Caltrans:

Other Work Zone Facts:

  • 85% killed in a work zone are drivers and/or passengers, not Caltrans workers
  • About 1,000 Caltrans vehicles are hit each year
  • Most work zone accidents take place between 8am-5pm


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