In Los Angeles County, approximately 50% of all automobile collisions are considered hit and run accidents. The most common reasons people leave the scene include: no valid driver’s license, distracted driving, driving under the influence, and many people are simply afraid of insurance hikes.

There is no good excuse to leave the scene

Please feel free to visit our comprehensive page about Los Angeles Hit and Run accidents, where we go into much greater detail on why people leave the scene. Imagine how it must feel to be the victim’s family if the accident became a fatal blow to their loved ones, a prime example of this would be the hit-and-run incident in Van Nuys.

It is illegal, and if someone is hurt, you should do everything possible to make sure they receive needed medical attention.

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If you are injured in a hit and run accident

If you have been involved in a hit and run in South LA, be sure to visit our Los Angeles Hit and Run accident page, as there are important forms you will need to fill out about the accident. Even if you were not at fault, you still need to fill these forms out. Failure to do so may result in license revocation.

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Getting compensated after a hit and run

There are many cases where people are injured or even killed in hit and run accidents and the person who fled is never caught. In these cases, victims can often still be compensated by their own insurance company. This process is tricky and may or may not require an car accident lawyer depending on the severity of the injury.

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