Abdominal Trauma

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What is abdominal trauma?

Abdominal trauma is a term used to describe any blunt or penetrating injury to the abdomen. These injuries can typically be broken into four categories, depending on the specific organ or tissues that has sustained damage.

  • Abdominal wall – The muscles and tissue that line the inside of your abdomen.
  • Solid Organ – Internal organs such as the liver, pancreas, or gall bladder.
  • Hollow Viscus – The stomach, large, and small intestines.
  • Vasculature – Veins and arteries supplying blood to your internal organs.

How does abdominal trauma occur?

Common causes of abdominal trauma include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, falling from heights, sporting accidents, and assaults. The most frequently injured organs from blunt injuries are the spleen, liver, hollow viscus, and kidneys.

Although less common than blunt injuries, penetrating injuries are more dangerous and have higher rates of fatality. Stab wounds and gun shots can cause serious bleeding and affect multiple organ systems simultaneously.

To classify abdominal injuries they are ranked on a scale of severity from 1-5, with higher grades equating to higher risk of mortality and need for surgery.

Other injuries commonly associated or related to abdominal trauma are rib fractures, vertebral fractures, and pelvic fractures.

Symptoms of abdominal trauma.

Signs and symptoms of abdominal trauma include paid, tenderness, rigidity, and bruising. Car accidents are one of the more common causes of abdominal injuries, and a frequent symptom seen in victims is a bruise pattern where the seat belt lies across the lap and down the chest. Swelling or distention may indicate serious injury to the bowels

How is abdominal trauma diagnosed?

Because of the wide range of possible injuries and the organs they may affect, a clinical evaluation will be need to be performed by a doctor. CT scans and ultrasound are the tools most often used during this type of exam, and allow for a better image of the condition of various internal organs without the need for invasive surgery. Penetrative injuries will be probed with a blunt instrument, such as a cotton swab or even a finger tip. Depending on the results of the initial exam, however, exploratory surgery may still be necessary to fully asses any damage.

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