One person died at the scene and another was in critical condition after a crash Thursday November 7, 2019, in Van Nuys. A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson said that two victims had to be extricated from their vehicle.

Witnesses at the scene say that two white vehicles, one of which was a Tesla, appeared to have been involved in a head-on collision as both had severe damage to their front end. One of the victims was declared dead at the scene, and the other was transported to a local hospital.

Tesla Car Accidents and Fatalities

Tesla cars are solely electric powered and were the first to offer a full-size luxury sedan that was fully electric. A tesla runs on powerful state-of-the-art ion lithium batteries that rival the power of gas-powered sports cars.

Tesla’s batteries have put them on the map, but are also the center of controversy with many saying they are unsafe. Unlike other electric car batteries which are one or two large single batteries, Tesla uses large quantities of small cylindrical lithium ion batteries like those in a cell phone. These batteries come tied together to produce the power, but to make it light enough, Tesla admits it takes some of the safety equipment off of the batteries saying they are redundant.

Tesla Car Fires

Business Insider has reported that there have been at least 20 deaths from Tesla fires. Tesla counters this by saying a gas-powered car is 11 times more likely to catch on fire than a Tesla. The company says that when the miles driven by gas cars and Tesla cars is taken into account, the number of fires for a Tesla is much lower.

On October 1, 2019, the National Highway Traffic Association officially opened an investigation on Tesla’s batteries for certain models citing possible irregularities that might make the batteries prone to catch fire.

Other Tesla Fatalities

Aside from the batteries, Tesla cars have been involved in accidents that have caused injuries and fatalities. A website called claims to have accounted for every death where a Tesla is involved. As of November 7, 2019, there are 90 deaths attributed to Tesla vehicles.

Even though it’s not clear if these accidents and deaths are in any way connected to Tesla’s controversial batteries, the safety of a Tesla vehicle is still a subject of debate.

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