At least three vehicles were involved in a collision at Alondra Boulevard and Wilmington Avenue sending several to a local hospital and two are in critical condition. The accident happened just after midnight Saturday, April 13, 2019. According to authorities, EMS had to cut two people from their vehicle.

It’s not immediately known what caused the collision or whether drugs, alcohol or distracted driving were factors. Police are still investigating the accident.

Multi-Vehicle Crashes

When more than two cars are involved in a collision, the risk for greater injury increases. Multi-vehicle accidents make up around 10 percent of all traffic collisions but account for 25 percent of all fatalities. What makes them so dangerous? The obvious reason is that there are more impacts with increase the chance of injury.

This happens when two cars collide triggering more collisions as other drivers attempt to stop and are unable to. Many times, someone is injured in the first impact and then suffers a subsequent impact and is more severely injured.

Liability in Multi-Vehicle Crashes

One problem facing those injured in a multi-vehicle accident is determining fault for their injuries. In a typical pileup crash, each person might be a victim when struck from behind and at fault for the damage to the car in front of them. The can create a legal mess when the injured seek compensation for their injuries.

Other times, a car might have successfully stopped from hitting the car in front of them, but is then shoved into the car from a hit from an oncoming motorist. This creates even more challenges making it difficult to determine which driver is at fault for what injuries and damage.

Generally speaking, the law requires that before an injured person succeed in a claim for compensation, they must prove the driver of that car negligent. This means that for each injury, the victim needs to prove how it happened and who was responsible. This can be a daunting task, and most insurance companies are going to work hard to pin the blame on everyone but their insured.

How to Make a Claim for Compensation in a Multi-Vehicle Crash

Simply put, the best thing to do is talk to an experienced and skilled attorney. If you try to handle it on your own, the insurance company will shift the blame away from their insured and try to pay you as little as possible, if any at all.

A good attorney can evaluate the case and determine who to seek compensation from for your injuries. Don’t speak to the insurance company or their lawyers until you speak to an attorney who can tell you your rights and how to proceed giving you the best chance of getting compensation for your injuries.

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