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Head On Crashes

Head on collisions often occur during passes or at intersections, but they are also caused by drivers falling asleep or playing with their phone and drifting into oncoming traffic. Regardless of the cause, these types of accidents result in major injuries due to the forces involved. Injuries range from minor bruising to death.

Santa Clarita Head on Collision May 5, 2017

According to KTLA, drivers were extricated from 2 severely damaged vehicles via the Jaws of Life. The crash occurred at McBean Parkway and Copper Hill Drive.

Many news sources are reporting the accident was in Valencia, however this area is also known as Santa Clarita. Regardless, our hearts go out to the people involved in this wreck and their loved ones.

Do I need a lawyer after a head on collision?

Attorneys are not needed in each and every case. However if there are serious injuries involved, most insurers are going to look at ways to minimize the amount they are going to have to pay out. Serious injuries affect people the rest of their lives. An injury claim is often about much much more than just getting hospital bills paid. After an accident, you may receive a call from an insurance adjuster to see how things are going. While the call may sound nice and friendly, any information you give to them may be used against you in the future, even if you were not at fault for the accident.

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