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After an accident, people involved in an accident may be presented with the task of getting their vehicle or SUV repaired. Often, if the other party was at fault, their insurer will be contacting you. If there are injuries, it is important to speak to a Los Angeles car accident attorney before speaking to the insurance company if at all possible.

Getting SUVs repaired

Anyone who lives, works, shops, or visits Los Angeles knows the importance of having a vehicle. Without a doubt, today’s SUVs have spacious seating for a number of people and they have plenty of cargo space in the rear. But, as with any vehicle, the convenience stops when there is an accident.

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It is a pain in the neck, and the wallet, to potentially be without a vehicle while it’s in the shop. Rarely are any two accidents exactly alike, but unless the SUV has been totaled in a car crash, automotive body experts agree that there are several commonly damaged areas that will need repairs after an accident. Those areas include:

  • Taillights, tailgates and headlights: Because these areas are mostly plastic and glass, they are very susceptible to damage wherever the SUV is struck.
  • Front and Rear Bumpers: As these are the first contact areas in a collision, it is no surprise that they will need to be repaired or replaced. Today’s solid bumpers are designed to guard the main body of the SUV and help to deflect extensive damage away from the vehicle and the passengers. These car parts would be in total bad shape, especially in instances like a car crashing against motels or solid buildings.
  • Wheel Frames and Axles: These areas are often dented or broken in a side impact, but can also be damaged if the SUV is hit by a vehicle going over 30 mph in the rear or front.
  • Fenders, Hoods, and Grilles: Fenders and grilles are commonly damaged areas, even if the struck car is standing still or hit at low speed. Fenders, in particular, are designed to absorb most of a side impact, but are invaluable in helping to save the lives of the occupants. Grille damage occurs when an SUV is struck in the front, but can also be damaged when there is significant impact force from the side. Today’s safety engineering is wonderfully displayed in the design of the hood. The hood is intended to crumple as it absorbs the incoming force of a front end accident. This impact reaction has saved the lives of many drivers and front seat passengers.
  • Windshields and side windows: Automotive safety glass is outstanding for not scattering into thousands of tiny sharp-edged pieces and flying in all directions, but they can, and will, be damaged in accidents from all directions.

Regardless of whether it was a rear end, fender bender, T-bone, or sideswipe accident, the auto body repair shop needs to check for “ripple” effects throughout the entire SUV. For example, even a slow moving impact in the rear can cause damage to the driveshaft, suspension, steering, and digital computer panel controls.

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There are hundreds of auto body repair shops in the general LA area and this does not include dealerships. Before towing a car or an SUV to a repair shop for insurance covered repairs, drivers may need to verify if they have any deductible costs and if the desired shop is approved to perform repair work for their insurance companies.

If you have any issues getting an insurer to take care of the repair and there are injuries involved contact me today.