Thankfully, everyone is expected to survive in the terrible bus crash which occurred in LA this weekend. However, 25 people still needed medical attention at the hospital.

The QH Express bus was transporting passengers from the Pala Casino in San Diego to Los Angeles when it struck a median shortly before 4AM. According to CBS LA, the bus plowed through 18 barrels of sand and concrete before rolling over onto its side. A Sig Alert was issued and the crash shut the 10 Freeway down for several hours.

Pala Casino recommends QH Express on their website for passengers who need a ride to Korea Town. Koreatown is a popular, ethnically diverse neighborhood in LA.

Charter bus accidents are complex.

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Most charter bus accidents involve multiple safety violations and multiple forms of negligence which led to your injury which should never have occurred. Litigating these cases is a complex process.

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