dont pokemon go and drive

The latest app kids, teenagers and even adults are using is Pokémon Go and we have already heard reports of drivers in the Los Angeles & Southern California area driving around while glancing down at their Pokémon Go app. This is likely because the Pokémon Go app does not allow users to find other Pokémon or Pokestops unless the app is open and active. As with any app on Android or iPhone people can become distracted by using their phone instead of paying attention to the road.

Please feel free to share the graphic above with your loved ones if you would like. A trending hashtag for Pokémon GO awareness is #DontPokemonGOAndDrive.

List of Car Accidents Caused by Pokémon GO Trainers (players)

  • Baltimore MD, July 19, 2016: A Toyota RAV4 hit a parked police car while playing Pokemon GO – WAFB
  • Fall City, WA, July 18, 2016: A 28yr old man rearended another driver while playing Pokemon GO. – King5
  • Auburn NY, July 12, 2016: A 28yr old man in Auburn New York crashed his vehicle in to a tree while playing. -WHEC

How Pokémon GO players are getting injured

Here are a few ways trainers (players) are putting themselves and others in danger:

  • Playing while driving – this is obviously a problem as distracted drivers can hurt themselves, others, or both.
  • Drivers stopping at Pokéstops – Some drivers stop in the street where traffic needs to flow smoothly. They do this in real locations to catch virtual creatures called Pokémon.
  • Playing while crossing the street – Players staring at their phone and not looking up while walking in to road

The app makes it clear when loading it and turning it on that users should play safe:


Distracted drivers who cause injuries can always be held liable. In other words, it isn’t necessarily the tempting Pokémon Go app but the Pokémon Go users. Drivers are increasingly distracted by apps regardless of app type; the app could be Snapchat, Instagram, Waze or Pokémon Go.

As time goes on if a Pokémon Go user causes a car accident they will be unfortunately added to this page. And of course if you have been injured by someone who was negligently using an app on their phone instead of properly operating their car, SUV, van or truck please contact me today for a free consultation or visit my Los Angeles auto accident lawyer page.