A 24-year-old man driver was arrested Saturday after he caused a five-car accident that took the life of one and injuring four others all from the same family that tragically lost one member. According to a California Highway Patrol officer at the scene, the DUI suspect’s 2014 Toyota Tacoma ran into the back of a disabled minivan in the northbound carpool land near Euclid Street around 11 p.m., Saturday, March 27, 2019.

Then a 2019 Toyota Tacoma hit the 2014 Toyota causing minor injuries to the 2019 truck’s four occupants. Two other cars then became involved both sustaining minor damage. The DUI suspect sustained major injuries in the crash and further charges are possible after a full investigation.

DUI Accidents

DUI’s account for almost 10,000 deaths each year, and even though this number has gone down over the last several decades, this still accounts for almost 25 percent of all vehicle accident fatalities. In California, there are around 1,500 a year which is a slight improvement since 2000. However, in California, there were a total of 3,200 fatalities in 2017 which means that as a percentage, impairment fatalities account for almost half of the motor vehicle deaths each year.

DUI Damages

When someone is driving while impaired, their behavior is erratic and unpredictable which often reduces the ability of those on the road to driver defensively which can add to the risk of injury.

When a victim of a DUI is injured, they face many types of economic loss and a good attorney can evaluate a case and knows which damages to claim so the injured can be compensated by the impaired driver’s insurance company.

DUI crashes cause untold pain and misery to those injured or the survivors of those killed. Sometimes the emotional and psychological toll is just as tough to deal with as the physical injuries. A DUI victim can face many economic and physical challenges as a result. The most common types of damages claimed in a DUI are:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages both present and future
  • Emotional distress related to a traumatic event
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Temporary or permanent disability

There are other types of damages, and an attorney can help determine what they are based on the circumstances of the case.

What If I’m a Victim of DUI?

If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, don’t go it alone. First, take care of your immediate medical needs, then talk to a professional who can assess your case and help you get compensation for your injuries.

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