A crash between a Lyft car and another vehicle ended with two seriously injured victims sent to a local hospital. The crash happened late Sunday, June 16, 2019, at W. Eighth St and S. Flower St. in downtown LA.

According to police, both cars collided, and one of them hit three pedestrians on the sidewalk. Two of the three were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. It’s unknown what caused the accident, and both drivers of the vehicles involved stayed at the scene and cooperated with police.

Lyft Crash and Pedestrians

Lyft and other rideshare vehicles continue to trend upward causing more and more of them to be on the streets of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this means that there will be crashes involving Lyft cars with some of them involving pedestrians.

The risk comes for a Lyft-pedestrian crash  because a rideshare vehicles are quite often near high-pedestrian traffic areas, and the vehicles are continually pulling up to sidewalks to pick up and drop off fares. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to serious injures when struck by any vehicle because of the lack of protection versus a car that is over 20 times its weight.

Pedestrian Injuries and Liability

When a Lyft driver hits a pedestrian, who pays for the injuries and other financial losses incurred? First, the Lyft driver must have been at fault before he or she can be made to pay for any damages. This is a requirement in our judicial system which is based on the concept of negligence, and the negligent party will bear the financial losses borne by the victim.

Assuming the ridesharing driver is at fault, then the obvious question is that the Lyft driver will be responsible. While this is true, the money itself will probably not come from the driver but some other source like an insurance policy Lyft itself.

If the driver is on a paid fare, then the company Lyft will pay for the damages, but if the driver is not on a call, then the insurance company for the driver will pay for the damages. This can be significant as it may influence the amount of money available for compensation.

Lyft has a $1 million coverage cap for when their driver is responsible and California law requires that each Lyft driver have their own insurance for times when they don’t have a reservation with a passenger. This insurance is $50,000 for each person for bodily injury with $100,000 maximum and a $30,000 property damage minimum.

Do I need an Attorney?

Many victims of ridesharing accidents feel that since the law requires the Lyft drives to have insurance, then if they are injured,  there is no question that the insurance company will pay. However, this isn’t true. The law doesn’t require the insurance company to pay until it is proven that the driver was negligent, and the insurance company can challenge that.

They also have the right to disagree with the amount of damages they have to pay. Insurance companies don’t get rich by paying out large awards for damages.

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