Speeding is up by 30% according to a preliminary analysis by the LA’s Department of Transportation that measured traffic at a subset of locations. The CHP attributes the increase in speeding to the relatively empty roads during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

The California Highway Patrol reported that they wrote almost 2,500 speeding tickets for 100+ mph in 30 days during the stay-at-home order which is an increase of 87% over the same time last year.

Speeding Up, Crashes Down

While in some cities like Minneapolis, serious accidents and fatalities have skyrocketed during COVID-19, in California, including the LA metro area, traffic is down 55% and accidents with death and serious injuries are down 50%.

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So far so good, but there’s a catch. Though there is no data yet to confirm suspicions, CHP officers are noticing a trend in more serious accidents from speeding motorists. In a LA Times article, a CHP officer said, “With no traffic, people are pushing the envelope a little more. The crashes are a little more dynamic, fewer fender-benders. Almost every accident has an ambulance responding.”

Street Racing Becoming Epidemic

Another problem the CHP noticed is that illegal organized street racing is up, especially those called “sideshows” or “takeovers.” Organizers choose a spot and put things in motions and then a crowd pops up out of nowhere and takes over a section of a road or, or bridge or even a section of freeway and race.

This worries officers not only for the risks involved in racing but also because the gatherings don’t use social distancing. In once case, around 200 people gathered around an intersection to watch the finish of a race, and everyone is grouped together which creates more risks of spreading the virus.

Risks of Injuries in High-Speed Driving

Whether it’s street racing or just an over-excited pedal foot upon seeing the open roads, higher speeds lead to greater risks of serious injury or death. At the Law Offices of Steers & Associates, we have seen the devastation a high-speed crash can cause to a victim.

We feel strongly that when someone is injured by someone speeding who is putting everyone at great risk, the victim is entitled to justice and fair compensation. If this has happened to you, please know that you have an advocate ready to stand in your corner against the insurance company and their lawyers.

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