Police have their hands full during the COVID-19 shutdown, but it’s not catching stay-at-home scofflaws taking to the streets. Rather it turns out that police have their hands full of speeders taking to the empty streets because so many are parking their cars and obeying the stay-at-home order.

This is creating new found freedom for some who just can’t resist putting the pedal down when they find the roads suddenly bare.

Number of Drivers Down, but Speeding Tickets Skyrocketing

The California Highway Patrol has reported an 87% increase in tickets over the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The increase isn’t just for speeders, but for speeders going 100+ mph. Across the state, the CHP issued 2,493 tickets for speeding in excess of 100 mph for the month after the stay-at-home order was issued.

For the same time period in 2019, the CHP issued only 1,335 100+ mph tickets. That’s almost a 90% increase. In one instance, on the 5-Freeway in San Juan Capistrano, police stopped a Chevrolet Camaro going 165 mph.

COVID the Cause?

Officials are blaming the opportunity for the high mph speeding on the Coronavirus. Caltrans officials say that traffic volume on the roads on all California roadways is down 35% compared to last year. In Los Angeles, the 2, 134, and 210 freeways have dropped volume by 50% and the 405 Freeway freed up by 45% for the same period from March 2 to April 6.

Officially, there is no stated cause for the increase in speeding tickets, but the boots-on-the-ground officers have seen the empty roads and lead-foot drivers first hand.

A CHP officer said, “With no traffic, people are pushing the envelope a little more. The crashes are a little more dynamic, fewer fender-benders,” he said. “Almost every accident has an ambulance responding.”

COVID-19 100+ MPH Speeding Accidents

To be clear, there is no data that links an increase in fatalities or serious injury accidents to higher speeding during the stay-at-home order. But to be fair, any definitive data probably won’t be available until after the pandemic is long gone.

This is because tying an increase in injury accidents or fatalities to the higher is difficult to do because accidents and fatalities are actually down over 50% across the state according to a report by UC Davis Road Ecology Center.

Thus a study would have to be done that looks at a possible increase in high-speed accidents during the stay-at-home order to show that even with a reduction in injury accidents, high speed crashes caused more injuries and fatalities than they would had the cars not been traveling at higher speeds.

High-Speed Accident Injuries

While we don’t know yet if high-speed accidents are on the increase during COVID-19, we do know that speed is a significant factor and a large percentage of serious injury and fatal accidents. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, high-speed motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death and disability.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported that in 2018, speed was a primary factor in the death of 9,378 people, or 26% of all motor vehicle fatalities. So it stands to reason that if speeding tickets for 100+ mph tickets are up 87%, then researchers will likely link that to an increase in the number of high-speed injury accidents.

At the Law Firm of Steers & Associates, we understand how high speed can contribute to the seriousness of one’s injuries, and we stand ready to help anyone who is a victim of high-speed drivers racing on the streets and freeways of LA.

We have helped many victims of high-speed collisions to get compensation for their injuries, and we have experience in all sorts of injuries that come from high-speed crashes. Some of the more common of these injuries are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Compound Fractures
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Blunt Force Trauma
  • Facial Bond Fractures
  • Nerve Damage
  • Airbag Injuries

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