Two people were hospitalized and six others received moderate injuries Tuesday, October 1, 2019, when a stolen vehicle slammed into several cars and into a building. The accident happened around 5 p.m. in the 200 block of 4th Street after a man stole a company vehicle from a construction site.

Workers at the site gave chase with one of them jumping into the vehicle to take control. The gas pedal was pushed into full acceleration causing the truck to hit several cars pushing one car into a restaurant. No one in the restaurant was hurt, and a 23-year-old man was arrested on grand theft auto charges with more charges coming as the investigation is completed.

Stolen Vehicle Crashes

When a car thief gets spotted, a pursuit inevitably ensues and many times ends in a collision that causes injuries and property damage. When this happens, many people wonder if their injuries are going to be covered.

In a typical accident, the at-fault driver that causes someone injuries will pay for the damages from their insurance policy. However, when a car is stolen, then the insurance company is not liable for the damages. This is because of a rule that illegal acts aren’t covered by insurance.

So even if the stolen car was insured, since the driver was illegally driving the car, then the insurance policy won’t pay. Also, if the thief had insurance for driving their personal car, this also wouldn’t cover the damages for the same reason.

Who’s Going to Pay?

This leaves few options for those injured by a stolen car. One option is if the injured person has their own auto insurance policy that has uninsured and underinsured motorists’ coverage which pays for injuries done to the policy holder. Since an automobile was involved in the accident, these provisions will cover the injuries.

Another option is if any negligence done by those giving chase to the stolen car. If the police that pursued, a claim might be able to be made against the police department if the officer was negligent. If the pursuers were citizens and they were negligent, then they might be personally liable for the injuries they caused. Also, if the pursuer were employees of a company, then the company might be liable for the negligent acts of their employees.

Talk to a Los Angeles Injury Attorney

The best thing to do when injured in an automobile accident, even one caused by a stolen vehicle, is to talk to an attorney. Even if you don’t hire one, you owe it to yourself to be advised of the law by an impartial professional. Then if you decide to get representation, then choose someone who is experienced and understands the law.

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