Spouses, husbands, and wives may be entitled to compensation for loss of consortium when their loved one is injured.

Not everyone has a claim and there are several factors in play. The easiest thing to do is call my office today for a free consultation.

What is Loss of Consortium?

Loss of consortium occurs when a loved on is unable to continue to perform their household duties as a result of their injuries or due to a death. This can be anything from sexual intercourse to cooking, cleaning, or shopping. The non-injured person affected might be able to be compensated for the additional work. In addition, they may suffer emotional distress or depression if the injury has placed strains on the marriage.

Not everyone qualifies for Loss of Consortium claims

The state of the marriage prior to the injury has an impact on these types of claims.

The value of the claim also depends on the seriousness of the impact on the marriage.

Depending on a wide variety of factors, including insurer policy limits, your attorney may or may not advise you to proceed with this type of claim. In some cases, this type of claim may not impact settlement amounts.

It never hurts to ask

If you are in the Los Angeles area and a loved one has suffered a serious injury which has impacted your marriage please feel free to contact me today for a free consultation. I am a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney who has recovered millions for my clients. I will be happy to examine your unique situation and offer advice on the pros and cons of this type of claim and determine the best way to obtain the maximum amount of compensation.