There are many unfortunate situations that may result in someone looking for a car accident report, also known as a collision report, or as the California Highway Patrol calls it, CHP 190. These reports are available to proper parties of interest, which could include drivers, passengers, parents of the injured, property owners, insurance companies or attorneys needing to obtain a report.

How to get an accident report from CHP in Los Angeles by Mail

Fill out CHP 190. Information needed includes:

  • Collision / incident date
  • Collision / incident location
  • Driver or owner name
  • State your interest, as noted above
  • Also, photocopy your driver license or picture identification card and attach it to your request for a collision report. If you do not have either of these forms of identification, then, the CHP 190 form must be notarized.
  • Include your payment, usually $10, using check or money order.

Mail the above to any California Highway Patrol Office. The downtown LA office is:

California Highway Patrol
777 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 9001

Once the CHP has received your request, received payment, and verified you are a proper party of interest, your report will be mailed to you.

How to get an accident report from CHP in Los Angeles in Person

If you are in the area, you may stop by and CHP office to obtain a copy of your accident report. Be sure to bring your license and payment of $10. In person, cash, checks, and money orders are accepted.

Other ways to get your accident report

If you have retained a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, he or she will obtain a copy of the report on your behalf.

(If injuries were sustained in the accident, it is very important to speak to one.)

Collision report fees

Almost all reports are under 25 pages, meaning they are a flat $25. However, if there are several cars involved in an accident or there was a fatality, an accident report may be larger. As of December 2016, this is the collision reports pricing:

  • $10.00 — 01 – 25 pages
  • $20.00 — 26 – 50 pages
  • $30.00 — 51 – 75 pages
  • $40.00 — 76 – 100 pages
  • $10.00 — Over 100 – for each additional 25 pages or portion thereof