If you have been been involved in a BlueIndy Bluecar accident, contact us today for a free and confidential consultation to preserve and protect your rights.

What is BlueIndy?

BlueIndy is a car sharing service making electric vehicles available through downtown L.A., Westlake, MacArthur Park and parts of Koreatown.. In California, the company Blue California is a subsidiary of Bolloré, which offers the car sharing service in Indiana and Paris.

Accidents involving Bluecars

There are a varierty of ways BlueIndy vehicles and their occupants could be involved in a car accident in Los Angeles:

  • Drivers and passengers of Bluecars could be injured when hit by a negligent driver
  • Pedestrians could be injured when hit by a Bluecar
  • Other drivers could be injured when a Bluecar crashes into them

Do I need a Los Angeles Car Accident lawyer?

There are many scenarios where a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer will greatly benefit you. If there are fatalities or traumatic injuries involved in the accident, you will definitely want to speak to us.

For example: BlueIndy may offer minimal insurance on its cars. If you have been hit by one, you may need to tap into your own insurance policy’s under-insured motorist coverage.

There are many scenarios in which an experienced attorney can help you obtain significantly more compensation for you injuries than you would receive without one.